Monday, September 26, 2011

It's real, the dream, we've decided....Oh god I wanted it to be a dream. I had Skan come downstairs and re-trace the dream with me step by step. She looked way uncomfortable playing the part of that girl, heh. When we got to the part where my head got smashed into the glass, I lowered my head and said, "Check. Please. Wounds, dried blood, bruising, anything."
 So she did...And...Oh god...Right where I remember my head hitting the glass..Several cuts and a large bruise. Skan actually stepped back and gaped at me for a bit...Then ran to the phone. I don't know who she called. I don't know anything anymore.

And then there is the matter of how that girl even got in here in the first place. Skan and I...We think that she might have used Curtis' body as a lure. To get us to do exactly as we did, and bring the body on our side of the wards. And somehow she was able to use that as a connection to get over here. Skan could probably explain it better than me.
We did scrape that screaming face from the windowsill though...We weren't sure if it was just a mark of her victory, or if it somehow allowed her access through that part of the house. We aren't taking chances. We sucked it up and burned Curtis' body just on the outside of the wards, towards the wetlands. It smelled awful even from a distance, but...If that's the way she got in, then it had to go.

Gah, that smell...
Hawk, please be alive. Please.
I will find you, somehow. Some way, I will find you.
I promise.

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