Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting a Bit Worried

Worried. Not a word I typically use often. But, it is true, I am worried.  I have seen the Faceless at least six times today, and he is most definitely watching me. There is no other around, of that I am sure. I made a stop for breakfast, he was there. Again, when I stopped to examine tracks, he was there. Repeat this four more times throughout the course of the day. Even right now as I type, I can see him. It appears that no one else sees him though. Someone walked right by him a moment ago and..nothing. It's like to them, he does not even exist.

Another thing-Hawk's tracks seem to have been obscured somehow. All traces of him have just......vanished. I went to his campsite shortly after the police had left. (Yes, I did go back. What easier way to find traces of my prey?) It looked like nothing had been in the area for years. There we no footprints, no broken grass, no displaced rocks, no marks from where his boat entered or exited the river. Nothing. There is no way he has suddenly become that good at obscuring tracks. I myself am not that good at obscuring tracks. He would have missed something. He always misses something. I am being blocked from tracking him. I believe I can still read his blogs though...Hawk, I would like you to do an experiment for me. Post the location of a place you have been since the police incident. Any place. I want to see if words are also being blocked..

The Faceless is intensifying his attack.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Missing//A Body in the River//Another Encounter

I have had to abandon the area. The local police are combing the town and its woods and waterways looking for a missing person. And a suspected killer.  The missing person was last seen three nights ago, walking into the woods in the dead of night. The witness said he looked like he was sleepwalking. And then the witness was found dead a day later, drowned in the river. Foul play is obviously suspected, though no one has seen or has any leads on who may be responsible.

Now, if this is a coincidence, I will eat Hawk's knife- I saw the Faceless twice within the same 24 hour period. Once, just hours before the first person went missing, at dusk. He was in the trees, watching something. He gave no sign that he noticed me at all, and when I looked elsewhere and then looked back, he had gone. The second time, he might have seen me..I was walking outside of town on the abandoned rail track, two hours after the witness was announced dead. He was there in the shadow of an outbuilding, watching the track...I dove into a culvert for cover, but just as I went down, I saw him turn. I'm still here, in the muddy, wet culvert. The Faceless is still there, watching. I'm not sure if he's watching for something to happen, or watching now for me. In either case, I'm not coming out until he goes somewhere else.

Hawk, if you haven't left, I would suggest that you do so quickly. Here may be your chance to escape me and start the game over again. Choose where you go wisely.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Was I Wrong?

I was.. wrong... to seek the Faceless. He truly frightens me, though I have seen nothing of him since that night. Just looking at him I was drawn in. I admit, he had me. If it were not for Hawk, I..No. No. I was unprepared for him-For whatever it is that he does that lures people in. I will do my best to never let that sort of thing happen again. Running into him again scares me, however I still admit curiosity. Can I do better next time? Because there will be a next time, I am sure. I highly doubt that the Faceless will take kindly to me robbing him of Hawk.

Oh good, there is my drink...I usually do not go for Starbucks coffee, but it will do for now. I can't get too far away from my target now can I? Hehehe..The server looks a bit put off by the knife sitting on the table. Oh how I love that look :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I have been rethinking my strategy somewhat. Black Hawk, that night at the water will never be repeated. Ever. Words cannot suffice for..No. You are mine now. Not his. I will rip the prey from the Faceless' grasp. I was wrong to seek him through you. But now I seek to beat him to you. This is a race, and I plan to win it. Scared?

Friday, June 3, 2011

I Have Seen

I have beheld the Black King, the Faceless. And I am afraid. I see why they run. I see why they cower. I see how He can drive one to insanity. It was a brief, yet lasting, encounter. I had gone down to the shore to taunt Black Hawk, to play with his mind. I admit, I had let my guard down. I did not expect Him to show Himself that night. Our conversation was short, interrupted by Him emerging from the Darkness. I see why they call him a King. Regal. Terrifying. I have never before seen anything so worthy of Fear in my entire life. I felt helpless against Him. I could not run, I could not hide. I wanted to flee. I do not know what stopped me. I want to run and never stop running. And yet, I wish to behold Him again. I wish to see if I feel the same terror as I did before. Am I insane? Maybe I am. Something about Him draws me. And I do not know whether to fight or to submit.