Thursday, June 23, 2011

I have been rethinking my strategy somewhat. Black Hawk, that night at the water will never be repeated. Ever. Words cannot suffice for..No. You are mine now. Not his. I will rip the prey from the Faceless' grasp. I was wrong to seek him through you. But now I seek to beat him to you. This is a race, and I plan to win it. Scared?


  1. Well shit. I take back what I said. You're alive and you seem pissed off. Just what I need, a pissed off stalker on top of another probably pissed off faceless abomination... I saved your ass that night and you know it. You owe me so leave me the hell alone and go stalk someone else.

  2. Why do you think I seem so angry. I owe no one, Hawk. Enjoy your running game while you can. You cannot play it forever.