Monday, June 27, 2011

Missing//A Body in the River//Another Encounter

I have had to abandon the area. The local police are combing the town and its woods and waterways looking for a missing person. And a suspected killer.  The missing person was last seen three nights ago, walking into the woods in the dead of night. The witness said he looked like he was sleepwalking. And then the witness was found dead a day later, drowned in the river. Foul play is obviously suspected, though no one has seen or has any leads on who may be responsible.

Now, if this is a coincidence, I will eat Hawk's knife- I saw the Faceless twice within the same 24 hour period. Once, just hours before the first person went missing, at dusk. He was in the trees, watching something. He gave no sign that he noticed me at all, and when I looked elsewhere and then looked back, he had gone. The second time, he might have seen me..I was walking outside of town on the abandoned rail track, two hours after the witness was announced dead. He was there in the shadow of an outbuilding, watching the track...I dove into a culvert for cover, but just as I went down, I saw him turn. I'm still here, in the muddy, wet culvert. The Faceless is still there, watching. I'm not sure if he's watching for something to happen, or watching now for me. In either case, I'm not coming out until he goes somewhere else.

Hawk, if you haven't left, I would suggest that you do so quickly. Here may be your chance to escape me and start the game over again. Choose where you go wisely.


  1. Sleepwalking? .....SHIT. This sounds too close..this is not a coincidence.. SHITSHITSHITSHIT. I suppose I ought to apologize for the profanity.

    Don't eat my knife. I need that thing.

  2. I will not eat your knife, Hawk. Since this is clearly not a coincidence. However. I may throw it at Faceless if he does not leave soon. I have been in this culvert for hours now. Every time I peek out. He is still in the same place.

  3. Trow it at him, piss him off, he kills you. One problem of mine solved. Maybe you ought to try it if you're still there?

  4. He finally left, or let me go. Whichever it is. Now Hawk, why on earth would you wish that of me? I have been so nice to you lately.