Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Getting a Bit Worried

Worried. Not a word I typically use often. But, it is true, I am worried.  I have seen the Faceless at least six times today, and he is most definitely watching me. There is no other around, of that I am sure. I made a stop for breakfast, he was there. Again, when I stopped to examine tracks, he was there. Repeat this four more times throughout the course of the day. Even right now as I type, I can see him. It appears that no one else sees him though. Someone walked right by him a moment ago and..nothing. It's like to them, he does not even exist.

Another thing-Hawk's tracks seem to have been obscured somehow. All traces of him have just......vanished. I went to his campsite shortly after the police had left. (Yes, I did go back. What easier way to find traces of my prey?) It looked like nothing had been in the area for years. There we no footprints, no broken grass, no displaced rocks, no marks from where his boat entered or exited the river. Nothing. There is no way he has suddenly become that good at obscuring tracks. I myself am not that good at obscuring tracks. He would have missed something. He always misses something. I am being blocked from tracking him. I believe I can still read his blogs though...Hawk, I would like you to do an experiment for me. Post the location of a place you have been since the police incident. Any place. I want to see if words are also being blocked..

The Faceless is intensifying his attack.


  1. Forgive me for asking, but what is it between you and Hawk? He seems alright, and you don't seem entirely bad. Least you don't belong to Faceless, and you're not unsympathetic to others.

    You may be interested in this theory on Saccadic Masking concerning Faceless and His invisibility. Unfortunately, it seems like he's haunting you quite aggressively. You know how your rearview mirror says "Objects maybe closer than they appear?" I would suggest psychic self-defense measures, specifically focusing on strengthening your aura.

  2. Eternity please listen to me. Forget about me, forget about this sadistic game you're playing. You were the top dog on the food chain in life before you met Slendy. Now he's the top dog, but you're still trying to act like it. Stop denying that fact. He didn't even know you existed until you started interfering with me. Now he's haunting you every bit as badly as he's haunting me. There's a chance if you go now, go do something different, leave my life, that He'll leave you alone. It's worth a try. I hate to sound like I care here, but maybe I do. I don't want to see anyone fall to him. Even you. You gave me hell. You tormented me enough. But you've changed, too. Since Slendy started making his appearance. Don't deny it. Ive noticed it. Mystery picked up on it, and hasn't been around long enough to even know you. I'm going to say it again. Give up the games Eternity. It's time to change your game, if you want to have any sort of chance at staying alive. Don't get yourself killed because you refuse to change along with the changing circumstances.

  3. Oh and as for your experiment, try the Starbucks in Redding California.

  4. @Mystery: It seems that I have been becoming more and more..sympathetic to others..every day. Three months ago, you would have hated me. You see I have never been a good person. I enjoy the thrill of hunting others, I thoroughly enjoy fear. Or, I did until..HE..came along. Now, I do not think I can ever ply my trade again, not in the same way. You see I tried to stalk Black Hawk, make him just another one of my victims. But I did not count on the Faceless coming after me for it. I foolishly thought I could outmaneuver Him..And now I am paying for interfering.
    Thank you for the helpful information. It makes sense to me. I will try to do as you have suggested...if I can focus without having HIM interrupt my thoughts.

    @Hawk: I doubt that he will ever leave me alone, now. I have inserted myself onto his list of prey. Even if I go..He will follow. Just as he follows you.
    I feel the change, Hawk. I've tried to fight it, tried to be more ruthless in my dealings to make up for it..But, you are right. I will die if I do not change with the circumstances. Perhaps, I will die anyway. In the eyes of most it would be no more than I deserved. Running is now my top priority, staying alive, fighting back against Him. And I do owe you, so if you need..my assistance..I will do what I can.

    And why did you leave me a second blank comment?

  5. Only time will tell if you're being sincere about this. I'm not so sure I believe you right now, but because of the situation with Him, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

    And, I didn't leave a blank comment. I did what you asked. I posted a location. You can't see it?

    Oh man..Maybe you're right Eternity..Maybe you're too deeply involved now to get out.. Post one for me. Maybe this filter only works one way..I know, probably too much to hope for, but you never know until you try.

  6. I understand. Thank you. I'll prove myself somehow.

    No, I can't see it.

    I think I've sealed my own fate.

    I'm posting this from McDonalds in Red Bluff.

  7. We all makes mistakes, and we all do things that we regret. The reason I have tried not to hurt or hate anyone who has hurt me in life is because so long as there is life, there is the possibility of change. Regardless of whatever inspired you to try a different road, I am glad if you can see this change in yourself as positive. Who knows but that you might be able to put your past skills to use in a new way.

    And Hawk said in his second comment:

    "Oh and as for your experiment, try the Starbucks in Redding California."

    Maybe you will be able to see my post about him even if you can't see his.

  8. I may..I may be able to do that. Maybe I can find a use to my talents. That gives me hope.

    I can see everything up to the point of the word 'try' and then it becomes very garbled and indecipherable. But it's not entirely nonexistent. Progress.

    This may be dangerous and difficult, and it may not even be possible. But..if this nameless person is inserting himself into Hawk's head, is there a way that I could do the same? Or someone could? If I could get directly to him, maybe this filter wouldn't apply there?

  9. I...I think I'm being filtered too. If you posted a location I can't see one. All I see from two posts ago is "I think I've sealed my own fate". I'm assuming there's more.

    And on your latest comment to Mystery, I can only see one short paragraph.

    My god what is going on?

  10. You should embrace Father. He would not being paying you such attention if you did not belong with us. It will only hurt for a little while, just to make you remember who you were before...

  11. @Hawk: I do not know, nor do I like it. Something feels very wrong. But yes, there was more to both. I won't bother repeating since you won't see it anyway.
    @Tigercub: I have always been the master of myself. Even now as I run from the Faceless, the one you call Father, I am still in control of my own movements. I do not think I could give myself up to Him like that. I considered it, once.
    I am flattered by the attention though. Heh.