Saturday, May 28, 2011

Black Hawk

I can still see you, you know. Even when you think I cannot. Do you believe that I shun the water as the Faceless does? Do not be so stupid. Check your bag, Black Hawk, and tell me what it is you see.

I do wonder, though.Why is it that every time the Faceless chooses to appear to you, I am not there? I am always otherwise occupied. You should feel honored, Hawk. I have now dropped or finished all of my other hunts to concentrate on you. This is a rare occasion. Shall we celebrate? Perhaps I shall come to visit you when you are awake this time.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Can See You

Sitting just out of reach of the firelight, sharpening your knife...It is a beautiful blade, by the way. Wherever did you find a masterpiece such as that? Would it hurt your feelings if I took it from you? Perhaps we shall see.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let Him Come

Black Hawk, my dear victim, has a point, I admit. I have never beheld the Faceless. I have never been hunted by any who are worthy of the hunt. Those who try end up being dinner for my blades. Therefore I say this: Let Him Come. They say he is a true hunter, a true terror. Others say the same of me. I say again: Let Him Come. Then I might see for myself whether or not the legends ring true, or if people are once again fearing for nothing.

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Sower of Chaos

I do so love Fear..Its scent is intoxicating. Whether or not I cause the fear is almost irrelevant, though I will admit there is a certain savor to fear of which I am the cause of. To see cornered prey panic..If this Slender Man was human, I could almost understand why he hunts as he does.
This may come as a slight surprise, but I do not often begin a hunt with the intent to kill. Granted, many chases do end that way. Sometimes, it is a shame they had to die. Sometimes, it is the natural course of events. Other times it is merely another game, a way to begin another hunt.And in some cases I will chase for months, in a few cases, years, because the target is so amusing. And because they have proved their worth, they earn their life, free of me. But never free of the imprint on their very souls...

I Am

I suppose that the proper way to begin any blog is to introduce yourself.  I am Eternity, the Daughter of the Night. I am an assassin of sorts when it suits me, a nightmare in the Shadows..I will not say fear me, because my deeds will speak for themselves. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt, whether it be easy targets or more difficult ones.  It matters not. I do not fear any thing that walks this earth, be it man or otherwise. Nor do I fear Death. He and I are close friends. I have given him many offerings, and he has passed me by many times in return.

As for the purpose of this blog: I have heard of this Slender Man, this otherworldy abomination who brings Madness, Pain and Death to his prey. I will say that if the stories are true, then I respect, perhaps admire, his ability to do so. I have not yet seen him or any of those associated with him. But I must say, some of those involved seem like good prey, a true challenge or just a fun game to or no blog it makes no difference to me. I wonder if he would mind me killing some of his dinner, or some of his followers perhaps?