Monday, May 23, 2011

A Sower of Chaos

I do so love Fear..Its scent is intoxicating. Whether or not I cause the fear is almost irrelevant, though I will admit there is a certain savor to fear of which I am the cause of. To see cornered prey panic..If this Slender Man was human, I could almost understand why he hunts as he does.
This may come as a slight surprise, but I do not often begin a hunt with the intent to kill. Granted, many chases do end that way. Sometimes, it is a shame they had to die. Sometimes, it is the natural course of events. Other times it is merely another game, a way to begin another hunt.And in some cases I will chase for months, in a few cases, years, because the target is so amusing. And because they have proved their worth, they earn their life, free of me. But never free of the imprint on their very souls...


  1. You sound like a human version of Slender. Do you know how monstrous He is?? Oh that's right, I forgot, you haven't seen Him. Or heard him calling to you in that voice of His. Or felt the out of this fucking world terror when you see him reaching for you or staring at you though a window. You don't know anything Eternity but I hope to high heaven and the depths of Hell that you find out.

  2. Ah, Black Hawk. I was wondering when you would lash out against me. I enjoy a good resistance, and you do not disappoint. You are correct, I have not yet beheld the Slender Man. But you forget, I do not fear. No man, no animal, nor death or even the Faceless.

  3. I'd love nothing more than to see you cower in fear before Him Eternity.