Monday, May 23, 2011

I Am

I suppose that the proper way to begin any blog is to introduce yourself.  I am Eternity, the Daughter of the Night. I am an assassin of sorts when it suits me, a nightmare in the Shadows..I will not say fear me, because my deeds will speak for themselves. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt, whether it be easy targets or more difficult ones.  It matters not. I do not fear any thing that walks this earth, be it man or otherwise. Nor do I fear Death. He and I are close friends. I have given him many offerings, and he has passed me by many times in return.

As for the purpose of this blog: I have heard of this Slender Man, this otherworldy abomination who brings Madness, Pain and Death to his prey. I will say that if the stories are true, then I respect, perhaps admire, his ability to do so. I have not yet seen him or any of those associated with him. But I must say, some of those involved seem like good prey, a true challenge or just a fun game to or no blog it makes no difference to me. I wonder if he would mind me killing some of his dinner, or some of his followers perhaps?

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