Monday, September 26, 2011

It's real, the dream, we've decided....Oh god I wanted it to be a dream. I had Skan come downstairs and re-trace the dream with me step by step. She looked way uncomfortable playing the part of that girl, heh. When we got to the part where my head got smashed into the glass, I lowered my head and said, "Check. Please. Wounds, dried blood, bruising, anything."
 So she did...And...Oh god...Right where I remember my head hitting the glass..Several cuts and a large bruise. Skan actually stepped back and gaped at me for a bit...Then ran to the phone. I don't know who she called. I don't know anything anymore.

And then there is the matter of how that girl even got in here in the first place. Skan and I...We think that she might have used Curtis' body as a lure. To get us to do exactly as we did, and bring the body on our side of the wards. And somehow she was able to use that as a connection to get over here. Skan could probably explain it better than me.
We did scrape that screaming face from the windowsill though...We weren't sure if it was just a mark of her victory, or if it somehow allowed her access through that part of the house. We aren't taking chances. We sucked it up and burned Curtis' body just on the outside of the wards, towards the wetlands. It smelled awful even from a distance, but...If that's the way she got in, then it had to go.

Gah, that smell...
Hawk, please be alive. Please.
I will find you, somehow. Some way, I will find you.
I promise.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Involving dreams

First of all, yes Skan you can come downstairs and your life will not be in danger. I promise, that brick I threw this morning was not because of you drugging my ass.
I'm trying to keep my humor up. Trying not to dwell on letting Hawk out from under my grasp. Literally. I fell asleep holding him that night. :( I...

I had a dream, that I am starting to wonder...if it really was a dream or not. I think that it might have watching events sort of..half consciously somehow. I know I'm not making much sense right now, but..bear with me.

We were lying in bed, Hawk and I, hand in hand. I felt troubled, paranoid..Something compelled me to get up and go to the window. That's when I saw HIM. The Faceless inthetreesstaringjuststaring...He was intent on the house, looked like he was looking right back at the window. I cried out and stumbled back to bed, but...Hawk wasn't disturbed, so I decided not to wake him. That would have been cruel of me, yes?

And then she came into the room. The girl with no name, the one who nailed Curtis to the tree, that sadistic little bitch.. She knelt down at the bedside and whispered something into Hawk's ear, then caressed his face in some sort of shape...He woke up then. She smiled and stood up, held out her hand to him...I watched him take it and stand up, and follow her to the window.

Then...I stood up too, and tried to follow. She smiled again, more aggressively this time, and shook her head. "One at a time, plaything" she said. Next thing I knew, my head hit the window, twice. I fell to the floor, on my knees, leaning on the windowsill. Another smile. "A fitting place for you, little one, no more than you deserve. Sleep now."

I watched her lead Hawk by the hand out to the woods. I watched her take him to the trees, watched them both disappear. I woke up that morning with a hellish headache and..He was gone.

I'm going to go and check for real world wounds now...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

FUCK. No. Nononono this isn't happening THIS IS NOT HAPPENING WHY. Hawk is gone, gonegoneI woke up this morning and he wasn't here and the window was broken...There was blood on the sill and blood on the ground below and ... Blood, HIS blood, Hawk....
I should have known Hypnos wouldn't give up Ishouldhaveknowntherewasanotherplan...I should have known when I saw HIM. The Faceless. I thought it was a dream but noitwasntadreamHEwasherelastnight.

No. I have to calm down. We'll find him, I'll find him, I have to find him. I'm going soon, I'm going to track them down, Hypnos YOU BASTARD YOU CANT HAVE HIM. YOU CANT HAVE HIM THE FACELESS CANT HAVE HIM HE IS MINE AND I WILL KILL YOU TO GET HIM BACK. 

I ran around the house this morning, hoping I was wrong. I woke Skan up in a panic after about 20 minutes of searching. We looked everywhere inside thehouse inside the wards. All we found was a mark on the window, HIS mark plus..something strange, something that looks like a screaming this kind of ::O. I cantthinkcantfocusGIVE HIM BACK I WILL RIP YOUR THROAT OUT..

How did they get in here, how did they make him leave why wasnt there a struggle why didn't i wake up
urgh dear god im sleepy all of a 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen..

Skan is Insane. You may or may not already be aware of this. But...good lord woman. She risked her ass to go recover a body. 
For those of you who don't know, one of Hypnos' lackeys broke our peace treaty. She...kidnapped Hawk's friend Curtis and nailed him to a tree outside the wards. I hope that he was already dead when this happened. He didn't deserve this. He was a gruff old man, but he helped Hawk even if it meant greater risk of exposure to the proxies. He didn't so a damn thing to warrant dying like that. I hope it was as merciful for him as possible.
Hawk isn't taking it too well. He's not eating unless Skan or I forces it down his throat, he barely lies down to sleep..He denies that he's having nightmares, but...Sometimes at night, I will wake up and he's sitting upright, rocking back and forth, crying. I know he blames himself for Curtis's death. He has his own personal 'notebook' now..I'll let him talk about that, if he chooses. I wish there was something I could do. All I can do is sit by him and hold him...

And protect him the best I can from doing something stupid when that little bitch comes walking by with her hammer. Like she is doing right now.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My own notebook

Hawk already told you most of that happened Friday night. Hypnos' minions attacked just as he said they would.
The ones that came for the back door didn't waste time trying to look for traps. They tried to barge right in, and as a result we have a new addition tied up to a chair in a side room. The others immediately attacked me. The first shot at me twice with a small handgun. One connected with my left arm, enough to make me scream in frustration. And then...I swung my sword at him. I was just reacting to being attacked, but my instincts.. I cut him across the neck, and he dropped. I didn't have time to check him. The other proxy set on me immediately. With a claymore that, in his hands, looked just like a normal broadsword. Damn, he was big. And very, very strong. I don't know how long the fight lasted. He swung so hard a few times that I was smashed against the back wall. I managed to maneuver him further out into the back, where there was more room for me to basically dodge him until he ran off, for some reason. Covered in blood, and I'm not quite sure whose, I ran back inside to check on Hawk and Skan.
Apparently, they were upstairs using the catapult without me. The rest of that night, I think, has already been stated. Battle-high, indeed...

After we'd calmed down a bit, I remembered the fallen proxy. When I went to check on him, he was dead. I didn't mean to kill him. I didn't want to...But I did. I have killed before, but it never bothered me to do so. Until then. The death of this proxy at my hands bothers me greatly.
I'm not going to say that it will never happen again, because it might happen again. I hope it doesn't have to happen again.

I have read of many different ways people remember those they have killed, or caused to be killed. Some wear necklaces, some write stories in a book. Pain is a better reminder for me. There is a cut on my left forearm now, a single small line that will become a scar. To remember. This is will be my notebook.

Friday, September 2, 2011







Come to us.

It's Friday

Well. Today is the day. Hypnos said he'd be coming today. And I swear, if you could cut tension with a blade, I'd swing my sword through the room and slice it. All of us look like we're preparing for the proxy apocalypse. Let's face it, we don't know how many people Hypnos has. It could be five, it could be fifty. He could not come at all, for all we know. He could do to us what others did to Mystery~Threatened them and then did nothing. For sport, I suppose.
Last night, we did a final run-through of everything. Today, we promised one another that we would try our best to just sit back and wait it out. We also talked a bit about what would happen if we were forced to deliver a kill-shot to defend ourselves. None of us want a loss of life for anyone, well, aside from Hypnos. I really wouldn't mind if I had a second chance at his throat. But for the others..Well. I've been convinced that not all of them are bloodthirsty mind-fuckers like him. We all agreed, though, that if they try to kill us first, we'll do what we have to to protect each other and ourselves. Quite an interesting trio we've become, I must say. Much like a small family in many ways. I've never had family before...
All right. Enough of that.
Skan and I are going to go woman-handle Hawk away from the window now. I don't quite think he realizes he's been sitting there for four hours.