Friday, September 23, 2011

Involving dreams

First of all, yes Skan you can come downstairs and your life will not be in danger. I promise, that brick I threw this morning was not because of you drugging my ass.
I'm trying to keep my humor up. Trying not to dwell on letting Hawk out from under my grasp. Literally. I fell asleep holding him that night. :( I...

I had a dream, that I am starting to wonder...if it really was a dream or not. I think that it might have watching events sort of..half consciously somehow. I know I'm not making much sense right now, but..bear with me.

We were lying in bed, Hawk and I, hand in hand. I felt troubled, paranoid..Something compelled me to get up and go to the window. That's when I saw HIM. The Faceless inthetreesstaringjuststaring...He was intent on the house, looked like he was looking right back at the window. I cried out and stumbled back to bed, but...Hawk wasn't disturbed, so I decided not to wake him. That would have been cruel of me, yes?

And then she came into the room. The girl with no name, the one who nailed Curtis to the tree, that sadistic little bitch.. She knelt down at the bedside and whispered something into Hawk's ear, then caressed his face in some sort of shape...He woke up then. She smiled and stood up, held out her hand to him...I watched him take it and stand up, and follow her to the window.

Then...I stood up too, and tried to follow. She smiled again, more aggressively this time, and shook her head. "One at a time, plaything" she said. Next thing I knew, my head hit the window, twice. I fell to the floor, on my knees, leaning on the windowsill. Another smile. "A fitting place for you, little one, no more than you deserve. Sleep now."

I watched her lead Hawk by the hand out to the woods. I watched her take him to the trees, watched them both disappear. I woke up that morning with a hellish headache and..He was gone.

I'm going to go and check for real world wounds now...


  1. THE FACELESS WAS HERE?!?! I mean, actually HERE?! Your last post...I thought, ya know, since you weren’t thinking strait that maybe He wasn’t really...
    I think...I may need to make a phone call..if He comes back...

    Okay. Coming downstairs now to help you with whatever you needed helping with.

  2. I hope you find him quickly and I hope he's alright.

  3. @Skan: Yeah. I think He was. The Faceless...I knew this was going to happen if we stayed too long. I am so sorry...
    @Mystery: I just don't know where to start...

  4. I'm sure Skan has some ideas on magical tracking if your considerable skills are not working, and if not, I can give her ideas.

  5. Eternity, I knew the risks when I invited you two here. It’s not your fault. I was just…surprised, is all.

    Mystery, some ideas would be great. Everything I’ve tried so far has failed rather spectacularly. I’m still trying, but I’m running out of options.

  6. Well, I'm sure you know that the best thing to use in this kind of spell is something belonging to him, preferably something organic or something that he wore a lot. Considering their connection, Eternity would be the best to focus the spell.

    You can hope he's still in the area and dig out a map of the county or get a larger map of the state or country. Given their penchant for teleporting, I don't think we can count on him being close, though it would be nice.

    I'm not sure which language you typically cast spells in, but given your dreams, Skan, I'm guessing hieroglyphics? Storytelling was not the only way Egyptians did magic, but they felt there was more chance of divine assistance if they spliced themselves into one. Given Hawk's name and Eternity's, you could do worse than identify them with Isis and Horus and Isis's hunt for Osiris. The fit doesn't have to be exact. It's the story that's worn the energy of something lost/stolen and something found/restored that's important. To that end, draw the hieroglyph for Horus, Isis, and Osiris on the back of the map. If Eternity knows Black Hawk's full name and birthdate, also put that on the map. It will help link him to the story.

    Since you can't really get out for supplies, I'd suggest you catch a beetle (stand-in for a scarab) or one of those floating thistle seed puffballs and attach the tiniest bit of whatever you found to stand-in for Hawk. Have Eternity read pertinent parts of the story of Isis and Osiris aloud, basically the searching and finding. When she's done, she should release the beetle in the middle of the map and mark any place it pauses or stops. All potential places Hawk may have been. Or gently blow the puffball, and again, mark any place it hits the paper before it stops completely.

    Also, the tree Osiris was finally found in was the sycamore. If you have any on the property, I don't know how you might use it in the spell, but I figured I'd throw that in there.

    Hope that helps.

  7. Mystery, this helps. This helps a lot. I didn’t think to identify Hawk and Eternity with Horus and Isis.

    I cast in either Latin or hieroglyphics, most of the time.
    There are a bunch of beetles running around here. I think I can hunt one down.

    I could do the spell under a sycamore... Thank you so much. Hopefully nothing breaks or spontaneously combusts like the last few times.

  8. Mystery, thank you, so much for your help...My tracking skills were proving useless due to the Rake and the fact that it seems like they just..disappeared into thin air.
    This spell sort of seems like our last chance...Maybe that will factor in...Hawk used to tell me one of his beliefs about things like this...Impossible things happen when need is great. I hope he's right.

  9. You're welcome. I hope the info helps.