Friday, September 2, 2011

It's Friday

Well. Today is the day. Hypnos said he'd be coming today. And I swear, if you could cut tension with a blade, I'd swing my sword through the room and slice it. All of us look like we're preparing for the proxy apocalypse. Let's face it, we don't know how many people Hypnos has. It could be five, it could be fifty. He could not come at all, for all we know. He could do to us what others did to Mystery~Threatened them and then did nothing. For sport, I suppose.
Last night, we did a final run-through of everything. Today, we promised one another that we would try our best to just sit back and wait it out. We also talked a bit about what would happen if we were forced to deliver a kill-shot to defend ourselves. None of us want a loss of life for anyone, well, aside from Hypnos. I really wouldn't mind if I had a second chance at his throat. But for the others..Well. I've been convinced that not all of them are bloodthirsty mind-fuckers like him. We all agreed, though, that if they try to kill us first, we'll do what we have to to protect each other and ourselves. Quite an interesting trio we've become, I must say. Much like a small family in many ways. I've never had family before...
All right. Enough of that.
Skan and I are going to go woman-handle Hawk away from the window now. I don't quite think he realizes he's been sitting there for four hours.


  1. Did he ever get something to eat?

  2. *sigh* Waiting is hard.

    Dia-I got him to eat a granola bar...

  3. -facepalm- Have you tried bringing food TO the window? Maybe it will work? I'unno. Not eating or moving is going to wind up with him sore and cranky.

  4. The waiting game is the worst one..
    Also, Eternity, family is a precious thing. Hold on to this one.

  5. Thanks for the sentiments, guys. Ha.
    Maybe the Rake ate them all?
    They're still not doing anything..