Monday, August 22, 2011


Since the Rake's attack on that proxy, everything here has been eerily silent. There is no evidence of movement in the woods whatsoever. I haven't seen Hypnos standing at the edge of the wards, smirking at us. His proxies haven't been testing the boundaries. Hawk said that even his dreams are quiet in comparison to that mess with the box, and his family.  I myself have not had any dreams whatsoever in over a week-Just a terrible feeling of unease whenever I look at Hawk.
With the sudden quietness from our enemies, this has only increased. I am a bit concerned, though he seems to be in better spirits now than he was before. I've taken up his habit of staring out windows, pulling out my sword without realizing it..Come to think of it, I've started wearing it everywhere I go now. I don't recall when I started doing that...
Part of me wants to go scouting, to see if they are even still HERE. Or if they're cooking something up where was can't see them. The latter seems much more likely than the first.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


You're killing me.
Let me explain. I was sitting across the room from a window, lost in thought about the many different ways I could kill Hypnos, when I heard a gunshot. I stood up and peeked out the window, trying to figure out where that shot came from and if I could see anyone hurt. I admit, my first though was that one of Hypnos' guys had taken a shot at Hawk or Skan. I was going to get pissed and go kick some ass. Or at the very least, shoot back.
Just as I was about to go grab a gun, I happened to look sideways a bit. And Skan just APPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE. Understand, I have a 'punch first, ask questions when they wake up' policy. Good thing my reflexes are fast, otherwise my post would have been a lot more like this: "Well. I'm hiding in a cupboard, because I accidentally punched Skan in the face..." That would have not been so good for the continued good spirit in this house. ;)
I had no idea she could do that.
I think I know now.

 Speaking of someone who needs to get punched...Hawk. The first thing he did upon hearing about this was laugh at me. Jerk. As soon as you wake up, you're going down. xD

Monday, August 15, 2011

To all you proxies out there:

Mystery gave me the most wonderful of ideas today. Since you all seem to dislike one another or get pissed when someone else makes a move on your target, why don't you try this game. I've read that at least one of you likes games.
It's called Proxy Deathmatch. Here's how you play.
You seek out your fellow proxies and fight them to the death. The only rule being that your fellow proxy has to stay dead once you've killed him.
Last man standing gets all the targets.
Come on guys. You know you want to. It will be fun.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Yeah. You. I'M FUCKING TALKING TO YOU. I saw you out there. You and your dumbass little minions. They should have left you in Hawk's house to fucking burn. Come closer. Come within gunshot range. I fucking dare you. There's a nice rifle sitting sight over there that I'd be glad to use to put a bullet straight between your useless eyes.
One thing though, dumbass. You see that white hunched over creature over on the other side of the yard? Yeah. Say hello to my little friend, the Rake. I'm sure he'd love to claw your throat out and mangle your corpse for trespassing.

I hope I get to watch.

Friday, August 12, 2011


I remember something now that I do not remember before.
I am not quite sure when this happened, but for some reason, I suddenly remembered it while commenting back to Skan on my previous post.

I completely pushed Hypnos out of my head, somehow. I remember being terrified, because it was the same dream that Hawk had been having. The dream about the man on the hilltop, beckoning with those scarred hands and smug smile. I saw him reach out his hand to me, and I...reacted. And then the dream abruptly ended, and I woke up with a headache.

It worries me that I can't recall the day this happened, but somehow remember it quite clearly now. Maybe I'm catching the paranoia from Hawk, but I am hoping allowing me to remember this isn't just another one of Hypnos' strange plots. But.. if there is any chance at re-creating what I did, it could be a huge breakthrough for us. If we find a way to block him out, then he is forced to give up or show up. And if he shows up, I will kill him.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I really am no good at sitting and allowing someone to come after me and my friends. Now that I have had time to think instead of just be on the run...I am contemplating a way to go after Hypnos. He attacks us physically and mentally, and we do nothing but try to passively resist. Resistance techniques only go so far in my mind..After a while, to get rid of your enemy, you have to fight back. Hypnos doesn't seem like the type to become frustrated at resistance. He will just keep increasing his attack, getting closer to victory. Unless someone stops him before it's too late.
He's given us hints that he's weak. As far as I'm concerned, Hypnos is a child compared to some. He is still learning, just as we are. I am going to find a way to end the learning process for him. Permanently.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Rake

I got my first sighting of the creature tonight. Hawk has been asleep almost non-stop since we got here, but I could no longer be still, so I got up and went to have a bit of a look around close to where we passed out. I happened to look out into the distance and there it was. It didn't see me. It appeared to be too busy sniffing around, looking for something. That Possum thing, perhaps?

It is odd, but I am almost (and I do mean almost) glad of its presence. From what I hear of the Rake, it does not tolerate proxies in its area. That means Hypnos and his minions will have to try just a bit harder to reach us here. It won't stop him from trying to break into our dreams, but it might just stop him from walking in here and starting another fistfight from hell.

On a related note, the dream changed last night. It was a very short dream, but... Hawk was there. He was wearing a mask, standing over a body. Or what remains of one. I have no idea what it could mean, but..Any dream with Hawk in a mask is not good.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No No No My Friends You Will Not Escape. I Have Worked Much Too Hard To See You Run Away From Me Now. Not When Plans Are So Close To Success.

If An Attempt To Run Is Made You Will Both Regret It. This Is My Only Warning.

~I Have Spoken~