Tuesday, August 16, 2011


You're killing me.
Let me explain. I was sitting across the room from a window, lost in thought about the many different ways I could kill Hypnos, when I heard a gunshot. I stood up and peeked out the window, trying to figure out where that shot came from and if I could see anyone hurt. I admit, my first though was that one of Hypnos' guys had taken a shot at Hawk or Skan. I was going to get pissed and go kick some ass. Or at the very least, shoot back.
Just as I was about to go grab a gun, I happened to look sideways a bit. And Skan just APPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE. Understand, I have a 'punch first, ask questions when they wake up' policy. Good thing my reflexes are fast, otherwise my post would have been a lot more like this: "Well. I'm hiding in a cupboard, because I accidentally punched Skan in the face..." That would have not been so good for the continued good spirit in this house. ;)
I had no idea she could do that.
I think I know now.

 Speaking of someone who needs to get punched...Hawk. The first thing he did upon hearing about this was laugh at me. Jerk. As soon as you wake up, you're going down. xD


  1. I…uh…yeah. Sorry about that. Now you know, eheh. I probably won’t be doing that often, since it takes a lot of effort to “disappear” like that. Next time I walk up behind you I’ll try to make a little noise.

    Hahahaha, I wouldn’t have been terribly upset if you had hit me, since it would have been my fault. I probably would have laughed as soon as I regained consciousness.

  2. Oh, Eternity....
    That was funny as hell, and you know it.
    I wish I had have got it on video or something. I would make us a YouTube account just for that.