Sunday, August 14, 2011


Yeah. You. I'M FUCKING TALKING TO YOU. I saw you out there. You and your dumbass little minions. They should have left you in Hawk's house to fucking burn. Come closer. Come within gunshot range. I fucking dare you. There's a nice rifle sitting sight over there that I'd be glad to use to put a bullet straight between your useless eyes.
One thing though, dumbass. You see that white hunched over creature over on the other side of the yard? Yeah. Say hello to my little friend, the Rake. I'm sure he'd love to claw your throat out and mangle your corpse for trespassing.

I hope I get to watch.


  1. Trusting in the danger to hold off the danger. A bit of a risky game you're playing there, Eternity.

  2. That explains a lot. Fucking dream-invaders. I hate them all.

  3. Just keep in mind, your headspace, your property. So long as you never forget that, he can't get too far into your thoughts. Practice meditation, learn to know yourself, and he shouldn't be able to maintain his foothold.

  4. @Zia: Yeah, well. It would make my fucking life if the Rake ate Hypnos.
    @Skan: You mean he's trying for you too? Oh, I'm gonna kill him...
    @Mystery: That works well for him when he's dreamwalking. Not so much when you look out the window and he's there, in the flesh. Bastard.