Friday, August 12, 2011


I remember something now that I do not remember before.
I am not quite sure when this happened, but for some reason, I suddenly remembered it while commenting back to Skan on my previous post.

I completely pushed Hypnos out of my head, somehow. I remember being terrified, because it was the same dream that Hawk had been having. The dream about the man on the hilltop, beckoning with those scarred hands and smug smile. I saw him reach out his hand to me, and I...reacted. And then the dream abruptly ended, and I woke up with a headache.

It worries me that I can't recall the day this happened, but somehow remember it quite clearly now. Maybe I'm catching the paranoia from Hawk, but I am hoping allowing me to remember this isn't just another one of Hypnos' strange plots. But.. if there is any chance at re-creating what I did, it could be a huge breakthrough for us. If we find a way to block him out, then he is forced to give up or show up. And if he shows up, I will kill him.


  1. Yes, if you could recreate what you did, it would be a HUGE breakthrough. I’ve forcefully removed…something…from my dreams before, but it wasn’t as effective as whatever you did. Not sure if you remembering is part of Hypnos’ plot or not…my comment could have just jogged your memory.
    If he does show up, I’ll refrain from shooting him. He’s all yours.

  2. The technique I use to force unwanted spirits from my personal space is decently effective. When he appears to you again, imagine your mind as a sacred space, and he as an unholy invader. Your mind will automatically begin to rebel against him.

  3. @Skan: I don't know why he would allow me to remember something that could defeat him. Maybe it was just a helpful memory jog.
    @Zia: That seems helpful. I can try it next time I see him. Maybe I can convince Hawk to try it, too.