Thursday, August 11, 2011


I really am no good at sitting and allowing someone to come after me and my friends. Now that I have had time to think instead of just be on the run...I am contemplating a way to go after Hypnos. He attacks us physically and mentally, and we do nothing but try to passively resist. Resistance techniques only go so far in my mind..After a while, to get rid of your enemy, you have to fight back. Hypnos doesn't seem like the type to become frustrated at resistance. He will just keep increasing his attack, getting closer to victory. Unless someone stops him before it's too late.
He's given us hints that he's weak. As far as I'm concerned, Hypnos is a child compared to some. He is still learning, just as we are. I am going to find a way to end the learning process for him. Permanently.


  1. Don't you go off and do anything stupid please. We don't need you gone too. Besides, if you chase after Hypnos, then you can't help Mystery look for Lucas should the need arise.
    We'll fight him Eternity. But going off searching without knowing what you're up against is suicide or worse. Remember giving that advice just a few hours ago to someone who's now gone? Don't follow after.

  2. I agree with Hawk, don’t physically go after Hypnos.

  3. @Hawk: Hawk...You called me on it. Rather hypocritical of me, wasn't it? And look what happened there.
    @Skan: Don't physically go after him..Do I catch an implication that there might be another way to go after him?

  4. You may resist passively, or aggressively. Passive resistance requires patience and endurance. Aggressive resistance is more of a risk unless you know your enemy inside and out. Which I gather you do not.
    I suggest you turn his tricks against him. Break into him and learn more about him. Then you may have enough knowledge to fight him.

  5. If he happens to enter your dreams, then you could fight him there… It doesn’t matter how strong he is, if he’s in your head, you have the advantage.

  6. @Zia: You suggest that I should go after Hypnos by attacking his mind? That seems like it could be quite dangerous, especially going by what Skan said on the comment below. I wouldn't know the first thing about trying it, either. Do you?
    @Skan: Well, I believe he has been there, but he hasn't really shown himself too much. I know he planted the dream about Hawk in the mask, which still happens on an almost-nightly basis. I think I have only seen Hypnos personally in a dream once, but I reacted with fear and pushed him..Wait. Wait. This is the first time I've remembered that.