Monday, January 23, 2012

Have I mentioned that Skan is insane?

If I haven't made this clear by now. I will clear it up once and for all. Skan is insane.
"Let's be Runners?" Woman, you have got to be kidding me. I am an..assassin, night stalker, I HIDE in shadows. Do I LOOK like BAIT to you? But that's the plan, pretty much the only one we could come up with that might yield any sort of result.
We. Are going to wander around the streets and buildings of Chicago pretending to be frightened, scared, and stupid Runners and see if we can't bait a proxy or two into coming after us. I don't see anything going wrong with this. Do you? No. What could possibly happen. It's perfectly safe.
 It's really the only shot we have right now, though. The map is useless, no results. We didn't find anything remotely useful in the burned out shack.
I'm also a bit worried about Skan. She keeps muttering something about Sekhmet, mostly while she's asleep, but sometimes I'll catch her grumbling to herself about it.
Speaking of otherworldly entities. HE showed up again, yesterday. I didn't say anything was while we were locating our sleeping quarters for the night. I saw Him through an alley, but oddly His head was turned to the side, looking at something else. It seems stupid to say, but I guess we really aren't alone in this city.
One bonus to seeing Him, though, odd as that is. We know the general location of a likely scared-as-fuck Runner whom Slendershit MIGHT decide to send a Proxy after. I think, we have a place to start our little masquerade.

Adventure, anyone?