Wednesday, September 21, 2011

FUCK. No. Nononono this isn't happening THIS IS NOT HAPPENING WHY. Hawk is gone, gonegoneI woke up this morning and he wasn't here and the window was broken...There was blood on the sill and blood on the ground below and ... Blood, HIS blood, Hawk....
I should have known Hypnos wouldn't give up Ishouldhaveknowntherewasanotherplan...I should have known when I saw HIM. The Faceless. I thought it was a dream but noitwasntadreamHEwasherelastnight.

No. I have to calm down. We'll find him, I'll find him, I have to find him. I'm going soon, I'm going to track them down, Hypnos YOU BASTARD YOU CANT HAVE HIM. YOU CANT HAVE HIM THE FACELESS CANT HAVE HIM HE IS MINE AND I WILL KILL YOU TO GET HIM BACK. 

I ran around the house this morning, hoping I was wrong. I woke Skan up in a panic after about 20 minutes of searching. We looked everywhere inside thehouse inside the wards. All we found was a mark on the window, HIS mark plus..something strange, something that looks like a screaming this kind of ::O. I cantthinkcantfocusGIVE HIM BACK I WILL RIP YOUR THROAT OUT..

How did they get in here, how did they make him leave why wasnt there a struggle why didn't i wake up
urgh dear god im sleepy all of a 


  1. Oh no... Oh gods.. not another person gone!

  2. I have to find him...I have to..I feel like such a failure for letting him go..