Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let Him Come

Black Hawk, my dear victim, has a point, I admit. I have never beheld the Faceless. I have never been hunted by any who are worthy of the hunt. Those who try end up being dinner for my blades. Therefore I say this: Let Him Come. They say he is a true hunter, a true terror. Others say the same of me. I say again: Let Him Come. Then I might see for myself whether or not the legends ring true, or if people are once again fearing for nothing.


  1. You're mad Eternity, just plain fucking insane. I don't pity you because you're a monster, and like I said before I hope He finds you and humbles you. Maybe He'll kill you, or maybe just Hallow you. That would be the perfect end for the mighty Daughter of the Night wouldn't it? Hallowed into nothing, completely bent on the whim of Slendy. I might like seeing that happen to you, monster.

  2. Oh, getting snippy with me are you? Good. By the way Black Hawk, you may want to cover up the landward end of your distinctly blue kayak.