Friday, June 3, 2011

I Have Seen

I have beheld the Black King, the Faceless. And I am afraid. I see why they run. I see why they cower. I see how He can drive one to insanity. It was a brief, yet lasting, encounter. I had gone down to the shore to taunt Black Hawk, to play with his mind. I admit, I had let my guard down. I did not expect Him to show Himself that night. Our conversation was short, interrupted by Him emerging from the Darkness. I see why they call him a King. Regal. Terrifying. I have never before seen anything so worthy of Fear in my entire life. I felt helpless against Him. I could not run, I could not hide. I wanted to flee. I do not know what stopped me. I want to run and never stop running. And yet, I wish to behold Him again. I wish to see if I feel the same terror as I did before. Am I insane? Maybe I am. Something about Him draws me. And I do not know whether to fight or to submit.

1 comment:

  1. So you are alive. Good? I guess. I don't know. So you going to run now? Going to keep following me? Don't submit to Him. Don't be an idiot. I'd rather you do anything else but. As much as I'm not sure what I feel about you (ranging from curiosity to severe dislike) I don't want so see another person fall to Slendy.