Friday, July 1, 2011

Missing Time

I don't remember yesterday. I've tried. It seems like I (finally, may I add) fell asleep, and I woke up at the hour I usually do. Nothing was out of the ordinary until I went to find a place where I could check blogs and the like. I looked at the date, and it said '01 July'. That doesn't make any sense. The last time I looked at the date, which was YESTERDAY, it said '29 June'. I have no recollection of anything I did on the 30th. I did some research and pieced together a few things, which all seem like fairly normal everyday activities. There are two wide gaps, however, where there is no evidence whatsoever of what sort of things I may have done.

I'm hoping I'm just sleep deprived from seeing entirely too much of Him.

Speaking of Him. There He is again.

Leave me alone you faceless bastard.


  1. Do you remember any dreams?

    I've only had one firsthand encounter with Slendy and that's when I was a teenager. He appeared while I was sleeping and tried to get into my head, and I rejected him. It can be done if you can put your entire will behind the repudiation. Just understand that he can leave some rather debilitating psychological problems behind. I was so depressed for years I almost killed myself. Then I was really angry for a long time to the point I attacked people... which is why I'm a pacifist now.

    If you have no memory of dreaming of him or seeing him before or while you were sleeping, I can only suggest that you try warding your room before you sleep.

  2. Well...Crap...You don't remember anything at all?? All day?

    Dammit. Even before I started running from Him I always remembered. Sometimes I wish I didn't remember.

    Fight him Eternity. With everything you are. None of that 'maybe' I've seen on your blog and in that comment to Tigercub. Don't let Him have you.

  3. Damn, that’s not good. Good luck and stay safe, Eternity. Don’t let Him get you.

  4. @Mystery: I don't remember any dreams, no.. Not that day anyway. So far....So far I have not dreamed of him. It's always when I'm awake.
    I move around too much for warding a sleeping area, unless I do what Hawk is thinking of doing and warding myself.
    @Hawk: Nothing of the entire day. As I said, it was the 29th and then it was the 1st.
    @Skan: Indeed, it is not. But I will fight Him until I have no choice in the matter.