Sunday, July 24, 2011

It feels as if someone has dropped an anvil on my head, but I am awake now, for the time being anyway.
  I found Hawk. We found a way around the filter. You aren't very clever if you didn't see through that one. It was a last act of desperation, and I thought a feeble one at that. But it doesn't matter. You failed, you miserable bastard. I hope you enjoy the knife in the leg. It's only a taste of what you deserve. Pity I couldn't have stabbed the other leg though-Maybe then you'd need a wheelchair.


  1. Glad you’re alright. Your absence had me a little worried.

  2. Thank you Skan. I am working my way towards being alright again.

  3. I can't believe it worked either. It was so obvious what we were up to. The random comments about songs and lyrics and the like? Seemed a little out of place to me. But I'll take it. Whatever works.