Saturday, October 1, 2011

The conversation went a little like this.

Skan: So..How you going to know where to go? You've never been around here before...
Me: I'll find him. I have to find him.
Skan: I could help. Let me come with you.
Me: Hell no. If something happened to you...I'd hate myself forever.
Skan: I think I can take care of myself. You need someone to watch your back, and he's my friend as well.
Me: I'm not hearing it, woman.
Skan: I will duct tape your ass to a chair and beat you with a hose until you agree.
Me: .............
Skan: Yeah. I'll start packing.

So, Skan and I are going Hawk hunting. I'm afraid of what she'd do to me if I tried to leave without her.... And...I'm grateful for the company. We make a good team, I have to say. 

Hawk, if you read this somehow, we're going to find you.


  1. I can be very persuasive :)

    We do make a good team.

  2. Persuasive. Abusive. Either or works for me. ;)
    Let's just go and tear this girl's head off.