Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Footsteps in the halls

Someone finally remembered I was alive..
I tried very hard to be mean and uncooperative. The conversation didn't last long of course, and then I blacked out for what seemed like a long time.
The interviewer came back, asked the same questions, pressed a little harder. I felt violently ill, but I managed to hold my ground. Blacked out again. Shorter this time.
And repeat process, with a little more force.
And again.
and again


UGH. Just go away. I hear footsteps in the hall, it must be them again. I feel my resistance slipping away

slowly.. I am stronger than this. I must be. Who are you standing out there? I can feel you laughing! Come in here, show me what you've got!

I must have said that out loud. I didn't mean to. I woke up covered in blood and bruises. Not sure whose blood. I don't have that many cuts. Just bruises. Lots of bruises. I hope that asshole learned his lesson. Dont mess with me. I'm Eternity. I'm the Daughter of the Night I am strong not weak i will run escape kill

I'm losing it aren't I? I can hear laughter in the halls, or is it in my head? Can't tell the difference anymore.

More footsteps. Hypnos? That's the first time I've seen him since I got here. Still the same, same limp, same cane, same scars... He looks worn. Not so cocky any more. He says my boyfriend and I are giving him issues, says we need to re-think our position. He left, no chance for me to respond.


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