Friday, June 15, 2012

I knew they'd fuck it up eventually.

Idiots. I knew if we waited long enough, we'd hear something. Hawk's being held in California. Somewhere near his old house. That's a bit, no scratch that. A LOT fucked up. His latest post concerns me. So I'm ditching. Skan too, I think. I say I think because...I don't know what's gone on with her recently. She's not all here, if that makes sense. And I'm not honestly sure if she knows what sleep is anymore.

Says she saw the Rake prowling around outside yesterday. One of the other guys here saw it too, I guess. Flipped out about it and ran off...Haven't seen him since. He's been replaced, though, by a guy who claims to be some sort of airplane cargo worker. Dude's got Egyptian style tattoos running up and down his arms and half his face. Weirdo. Anyway.

I'm leaving in two days. Sorry this is so abrupt. I'm too preoccupied with plans to be worried about a blog anyway.

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