Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vegas, anybody?

I have to be quick about this. Skan and I may not post for a while, but I'll get you the full story just as soon as I can.
First we visited the airport, which was very nearly a disaster. And then thanks to Skan's quick thinking and hidden knives, we found a proxy hideout. Our disguises worked, but now we're being sent to Las Vegas on some kind of mission. And this mission is not Hawk. I did find out that their next destination is California. They're boarding tomorrow. I'm going to do something stupid to say goodbye tonight, so Skan will let you know if I die. She tried talking me out of it, but, there's no hope, no use. I WILL let him know we're still here...
Okay, got to go. We're still alive, still kicking, and surrounded by the enemy. Wish us luck.

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