Thursday, March 1, 2012

Last Night

Last night, I went to the building mentioned at the bottom of the note. I waited for someone to open a door and slipped in behind them..for living in such a dangerous place, people really don't pay much attention. Anyway, I entered in the parking garage, was the creepiest shit I have ever seen in a building. This place was made for proxies and torture and scaring the living fuck out of people. And there were operator symbols, and that screaming face drawn in graphite all over the walls next to the elevator. Oh yeah, and Him. I could swear I saw his...nonexistent face... And I felt terrified, but just for a moment. Then I saw her again.

That girl from the forest of legs. I turned from where I thought I saw Him when I heard footsteps...There she was. Is SHE the proxy?? No, can't be...Am I being played here?? Is this part of the game, you sick bastards?? I shouted at her and tried to catch her before she went through a slammed in my face just as I got there.

I'm so sorry. I failed.

And that's when I heard Skan start cursing up a storm outside the door.

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