Tuesday, November 8, 2011


FRUSTRATING. That is what the last two weeks have been. Some....proxy idiot...Stole my mobile. Skan and I had to track him down to get it back. We finally found him on a playground hiding in one of those tunnel things..What a place to hide, dumbass. Seriously. Anyway, after a very heated exchange of words and a kick to the head from Skan, he dropped the thing and ran off in the direction of a soccer field.

And WHAT DO I SEE OFF ON THE GRASS?? Our favorite faceless freak. UGH. Skan still doesn't see him. I grabber her arm and pointed, but all she said was "Yes, Eternity, grass is in fact green. What's the problem?" Noticing my look, though, we took off at a quick pace back into town.

We're looking for a shack in the woods.  A tiny, tree-covered, shack. And in case you don't know anything about this part of the country, it is COVERED in woods. We've tried the map trick again to no avail. All we have to go on is a slight clue provided by that proxy. It's within 7 miles of the Ohio/Indiana border. Helpful. Yet not, at the same time. That is a lot of ground to cover.

To make matters even more interesting, the Rake is still following us. I have had to take the shotgun away from Skan so as to prevent her from wasting all of our rounds on him. It's difficult to not want to unload clips after clip at the damn thing, it really is. It still seems to be doing its herding trick. Gets just close enough to freak us out, then pulls back and we won't see it for hours. Dammit. There it is again.



  1. Kicking Proxy-Idiot in the head made my day.
    I’m sorry about the car incident. Can I have my shotgun back now? Pretty please? :) :) :)

  2. Fine. But I keep the ammo bag. You only get six rounds. And try not to shoot at the Rake?

  3. Yay! :)
    I shall try not to shoot the Rake.

  4. Shooting it will not help you dear.
    Run along now before it is too late.
    Before he catches you.

    We See You. :)