Friday, December 30, 2011


Surprisingly quiet, and... uneventful. Which in itself worries me. I'm on edge, and incredibly pissed at myself.
I can't believe I let them get away with him. So very close. Right within my grasp, and....
I guess our next location is a big city in Illinois...We followed the tracks to the road, and have been walking that way since. Skan and I have been deciding if it's worth it to try and hitchhike to get there faster, but.....Hypnos has a history of killing anyone who crosses paths with his plans. Not sure if a ride is worth potentially getting some unsuspecting person killed.
We did manage to pick up some more ammo for the shotgun, though. We were running a bit low for my tastes...So we bought some off of some old farmer who's probably been stockpiling since the invention of the shotgun. At least if the proxies get him, he'll only be out a few years. With the way he was coughing, he's likely been smoking tobacco since birth anyway.
No sign of the Rake for a while, either. Skan tells me that the clawed bastard has been tied up with a friend of hers (Faustus, I think..). Props to him for trying to end The Rake's shit....too bad it didn't work. Better luck next time, I suppose.


  1. Sweetheart, I hate to say this..

    But I'm pretty sure you and I need to talk. One of the dreams, well.. they're about.. well, like I said, talk back at me when you get the chance. It's kind of important.

  2. Oh, my...Dia, what's happened?? I'm so sorry I haven't been around, Skan and I have been...Well. I'm sure you'll hear about it soon enough. But, what is it?

  3. A reoccurring nightmare about a shared friend of yours. They're starting to get to me, so I'd like to at least share it before I start ignoring them completely.